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In October 2019 we were honoured to receive the Australian Government WA Landcare

Farming Award

for ''excellence & leadership in implementing integrated land management practices on a farm that protects soils, water & vegetation''.

Healthy food
Healthy animals
Healthy land

Regenerative farm in Margaret River

for healthy animals, healthy earth & healthy people


Our family farm works with nature to produce beyond organic

open-range pastured eggs, grass-fed-&-finished beef and nutrient rich vegetables.

We use holistic, biological methods to build living soils, care for the ecosystem & regenerate the land.

We share our learnings & experiences via farm tours, sustainability workshops & farm consultancy services.


Farm Weekly

Lawson Armstrong and

Laura Bailey are living their dream on a small farm in

Rosa Brook - and though their operation is relatively young they have had plenty of time to forge some big plans for the future.

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WA Landcare Farming Award

Young family behind Margaret River Organic Farm offering ‘low-food-mile, carbon positive produce’ set to represent WA on national stage

Times Organic Ambition.jpg

How to be an

ethical omnivore

Margaret River Organic Farmer's Lawson Armstrong and 

Laura Bailey will host a conversation with acclaimed

SBS chef Matthew Evans in Margaret River next weekend.

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