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Agricultural and viticultural consulting services


Need some helpful direction on your farm, property or vineyard?


Lawson Armstrong is an experienced Organic and Biodynamic practitioner that wants to help you develop a resilient and ecologically-sound food production system.

His approach, like his methods, is down-to-earth and holistic

A degree-qualified viticulturist, he integrates traditional fourth-generation farmer knowledge with continual study of the latest regenerative methods. 

And he walks the talk, with over two decades of on-ground practical experience in primary production.  Implementing animal integration, biological farming and ecological land management in commercial organic viticulture and sustainable agriculture systems.

Areas of expertise include:

Organic / Biodynamic conversion and certification process

healthy soils - biodiversity - pest, disease & weed management

transitioning your farm / vineyard to natural growing methods 

planned grazing - regenerative grazing - Holistic Management

open range pastured laying hen management

'lean farming' - reducing your inputs, using local resources, self sufficiency

practical applications e.g. making Biodynamic preparations and compost


Please contact us to discuss your context.


Lawson in last week's rain, sharing know
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