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We love to bring people together because life is much richer when we connect and share information.  That's why we facilitate workshops, collaborate with others and host guest speakers.  

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow.  Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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Matthew Evans talks Soil

Saturday 28 August 2021, @ Rosa Brook Hall

Join The Gourmet Farmer in a fun, informative author talk. For everyone interested in gardening, farming, food & sustainability.

Matthew Evans returns to Rosa Brook to discuss his new book Soil: The incredible story of what keeps the earth, and us, healthy.


Soil is the unlikely story of our most maligned resource as swashbuckling hero. A saga of bombs, ice ages and civilisations falling. Of ancient hunger, modern sicknesses and gastronomic delight. It features poison gas, climate collapse and a mind-blowing explanation of how rain is formed.


What we do to the soil, we do to ourselves.


For too long, we've not only neglected the land beneath us, we've squandered and debased it, by over-clearing, over-grazing and over-ploughing. But if we want our food to nourish us, and to ensure our planet's long-term health, we need to understand how soil works - how it's made, how it's lost, and how it can be repaired.


In this ode to the thin veneer of Earth that gifts us life, commentator and farmer Matthew Evans shows us that what we do in our backyards, on our farms, and what we put on our dinner tables really matters, and can be a source of hope.

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Living Smart community sustainability course

 22 April - 3 June 2021, @ Busselton Community Resource Centre,

Facilitated by Laura Bailey, hosted by the City of Busselton. 

Join us & discover ways to live well, with a lighter footprint on our planet.  We'll explore 1001 ways to create a resilient & connected lifestyle.


The Living Smart course has been enlightening, uplifting, inspiring

& altogether a wonderful journey into community & well-being.” LS participant

Living Smart is a holistic seven-session sustainability course for adults (16+). We will give you resources to create your own ‘new normal’ via hands-on practical activities, presentations, demos, guest speakers & a field trip.  Topics include how to:

grow delicious food

reduce our power & water bills

use renewable energy

live with less waste

create fabulous compost

make our own chemical-free household cleaners

& how to be a part of positive change within our community

Throughout the program you will meet inspirational locals sharing their sustainability journeys, and the knowledge & experience you bring is invaluable too! It's a fantastic opportunity to meet & share ideas with others, and learn new ways to save your money and our environment at the same.

Attending this course enabled me to deepen my knowledge about sustainability,

provided local & relevant information, & gave me the opportunity to meet like-minded people

in my immediate community. It was a lovely balance of learning, fun & connection.” LS participant

Check out this short video for an idea of what it's all about.

Facilitator Laura Bailey of Margaret River Organic Farmer is a qualified teacher & experienced sustainability educator with a background in renewables, energy assessing, permaculture, homesteading & regenerative farming.

Brought to you by the City of Busselton, this course runs over 7 weeks from 5-7:30pm Thursday 22 April 2021 – Thursday 3 June 2021 (dates noted below). Thanks to City subsidies, the only cost to you for the 7 sessions is just $50 + booking fees. That's over 17 hours of positive connections & practical workshop time!  Please book early to avoid disappointment.  This course always sells out, so book your place today & tell your friends, family, neighbours & colleagues.

Dates: Thursdays 22, 29 April, 6, 20, 27 May & 3 June, plus a field trip on Saturday or Sunday 15/16 May (exact date & time yet to be confirmed).

More info: or please email Laura at 


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10 life-changing strategies for Holistic Health with Graeme Sait

 9am-1:30pm Wednesday 24 February 2021, @ Rosa Brook Community Hall

Internationally acclaimed author-presenter Graeme Sait shares a suite of tools to boost health and longevity.

Four hours that could help you live a happier, healthier, longer life.

This information-packed presentation, hosted by Margaret River Organic Farmer, will include multiple, cutting-edge wellness strategies including:

1) Nurturing your Microbiome - it is the 100 trillion microbes, with whom we co-exist, that govern almost every aspect of our health and wellbeing.

2) Your vegetable garden as your ultimate wellness tool - tips and strategies to produce nutrient dense, medicinal food, free from chemicals and packed with forgotten flavours.

3) Diet discoveries - understand the benefits of fasting, good fats and genuine superfoods.

4) Food as medicine - discover the foods to embrace and the foods to avoid.

5) Countering the sugar sickness - learn how to reclaim insulin sensitivity and avoid “the coming plague”, Type 2 diabetes.

6) Taming the flame - inflammation is intimately linked to degenerative illness. Discover how to counter this insidious disease driver.

7) Reclaiming hormone balance - in a world of debilitating stress and hormone disruption, it can be of great benefit to achieve hormonal equilibrium

8) Longevity exercises - discover some simple, daily exercises that can help you achieve a longer, healthier life.

9) Stress reduction - stress kills in so many ways. Most of us desperately need strategies to reduce this pressure.

10) Change your perspective - Change the outcome - tools to adjust your mindset for a more positive outcome.



Graeme is an inspirational teacher and speaker, and the descriptor most commonly used by his students is: “life-changing”. He's certainly shaped the way we at Margaret River Organic Farmer view the world! Like no other, he makes clear the connections between soil, plant, animal and human health.

Graeme is the CEO and co-founder of Nutri-Tech Solutions (NTS), a world leader in sustainable agriculture. He is also an author/educator responsible for over 300 published articles and a popular book, “Nutrition Rules!”. He created the internationally acclaimed, ‘NTS Certificate in Nutrition Farming®. This course has now extended the understanding of over 40,000 farmers, on four continents.

More recently, Graeme's emphasis has expanded to include planetary health, in recognition of the profound link between soil humus and carbon sequestration. His popular TED Talk, 'Humus Saves The World', has 200,000 views. Graeme has had a major impact influencing farmers, consultants, governments and key decision makers in Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Europe, Asia, India and of course, Australia and New Zealand (his original home country). He recently consulted with the Minister of Agriculture in the U.K., to help develop a more sustainable post-Brexit agriculture policy. In February, 2019, Graeme travelled to India to train a large group of Professors, some of whom will be involved in the World’s first organic university, soon to be established in that region.

We are honoured to welcome Graeme back to Rosa Brook, and can't wait to hear his latest research!









Living Smart community sustainability courses

22 June - 10 August 2020 @ Augusta Margaret River Shire Chambers 

18 August - 22 September 2020 @ Augusta Margaret River Shire Chambers


Facilitated by Laura Bailey, hosted by the Shire of Augusta Margaret River. 

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Regenerative Masterclass with Graeme Hand

Sunday 16 February 2020, 9am - 3pm, Rosa Brook 

To celebrate National Regenerative Agriculture Day 2020, Margaret River Organic Farmer are hosting a special workshop with internationally esteemed consultant and educator Graeme Hand.

Graeme runs one of Australia’s most respected holistic land management and training consultancies, based in Victoria. He uses and shares proven, environmentally beneficial agricultural practices to regenerate and sustain profitable farms, their families and communities.

What many of us landholders & small farmers need is one-on-one advice on how to increase soil, animal, pasture & economical health in our own specific contexts. But hiring a consultant of Graeme's calibre is just not something that's not always financially viable! This unique small group REGENERATIVE MASTERCLASS presents a golden opportunity to progress in a meaningful yet cost effective way.

Going beyond a usual chalk-and-talk presentation format, the content of this workshop will be tailored to the small group of attendees. To ensure you get the most out of the day, each participant will be offered an advance opportunity to nominate topics and issues you’d like to discuss.

We will also do some practical work in the paddocks at Margaret River Organic Farmer where we’ve run our beef cattle & open range laying hens under a regenerative grazing model for 5 years.

Tickets are EXTREMELY limited & include delicious farm-fresh, home-cooked lunch, morning & afternoon teas.  You can find out more about Graeme at

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Waterwise Wicking Bed Workshops

30 November - 1 December 2019, @ Margaret River Organic Farmer

Facilitated by Laura Bailey, hosted by Transition Margaret River. 

Learn how to make successful waterwise wicking beds & grow incredible edibles!  Options for all backyards, all budgets.  3 free informative & practical two hour workshops will explore how to make successful waterwise wicking beds.  You'll discover a self-contained raised bed solution for you; whether you're renting, have limited space, have grass or trees competing with your veg or are just tired of constant watering!


The difference with wicking beds is the built-in reservoir which supplies water from the bottom up, getting moisture straight to the roots, where plants really need it & reducing evaporation!  We’ll also cover other secrets to vege growing success, like compost and crop rotations.


Workshops will be held in Rosa Brook & facilitated by Laura Bailey of Margaret River Organic Farmer who has been experimenting with wicking beds for years.  The Water Connection is a project of Transition Margaret River with Giant Light Steps Environmental Stewardship Alliance, supported by Nature Conservation Margaret River Region and a grant from the Shire of Augusta Margaret River.

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Living Smart community sustainability course

17 October - 28 November 2019 @ Busselton Community Resource Centre

Facilitated by Laura Bailey, hosted by the City of Busselton. 


Matthew Evans: 'how to be an ethical omnivore'

Saturday 13 July 2019, @ Stay Margaret River

To celebrate the launch of Margaret River Organic Farmer’s high-welfare meat range, we welcome Gourmet Farmer, Matthew Evans to the South West.

Matthew will discuss his new book ‘On Eating Meat’ in conversation with Sally Gray ND, of Real Healthy Kids; sharing truths about meat production and the ethics of eating it.  The book will be available for purchase and author signing thanks to the Margaret River Bookshop.

Join us to meet Matthew and explore the need for greater understanding, respect and transparency around the food we eat and where it comes from.



‘Compelling, illuminating and often confronting, ‘On Eating Meat’ is a brilliant blend of a gastronome's passion with forensic research into the sources of the meat we eat. Matthew Evans brings his unflinching honesty and a farmer's hands-on experience to the question of how to be an ethical carnivore.’ Hugh Mackay

‘This is the most important food book I’ve read in years. Not just for meat lovers or vegans, it should be read by anyone who eats food. When I finished this book I felt informed, connected and empowered to make better decisions about how I shop, cook and eat.’ Alex Elliott-Howery, Cornersmith


Matthew trained as a chef and worked as a high-profile restaurant critic, then threw it all away to become a smallholder in Tasmania’s Huon Valley. He lives and works on Fat Pig Farm, where the pigs free-range, heritage apples ripen on ancient trees, where he has a small market garden and tries to entice milk from two recalcitrant dairy cows. Visitors can visit the farm and taste the fruit of these labours, whilst dining at Fat Pig’s kitchen – southern Tasmania’s first farm to table restaurant.

Matthew is the presenter of the Gourmet Farmer series, on SBS, which is in its sixth season, including a spin off series, Gourmet Farmer Afloat. He is also the presenter of two documentaries, What’s the Catch, an eye-opening documentary into the truth behind Australia’s seafood and For the Love of Meat, focusing on Australia’s meat industry. 

Matthew is the author of a dozen books on food. In 2019 Matthew's releasing his ethical meat manifesto, On Eating Meat as well as a beautiful new cookbook The Commons, exploring the joys of farm life over the seasons. When not milking, writing, cooking, agitating or farming, Matthew is going to teach his son to fish.


Our favourite local Neuroscience Naturopath, Sally is an empowerment coach, specialising in restoring resilience at the core. Her business is all about creating vibrant healthy families. For many years Sally led the local chapter of The Weston A. Price Foundation for Wise Traditions in food, farming and the healing arts.


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Native Bee Hotel Making 

Friday 12 July 2019, @ Rosa Brook Hall

Join us in the July school holidays for these fun, family-friendly workshops to:

- discover the importance of native bees in our environment
- find out how to attract native bees to your garden (the bonuses are beautiful diverse flowers & more productive fruit & veg!)
- create an upcycled NATIVE BEE HOTEL for your garden - more bee-friendly & successful than the ones in shops!

Your hands-on 2 hour workshop will include an informative 20 minute talk followed by the Bee Hotel creating activity.  It is aimed at 5 to 105 year olds.  All materials are supplied & you will take home your Bee Hotel.  We're dedicated to making biodiversity education accessible to all, so tickets are only $5 per person (plus GST + booking fee).

When we think of pollinators, our minds jump to the European honeybee. But there are many other insects that pollinate plants, including over 800 different species of WA local bees that have been here for millenia! Native Bees are special; they're solitary, shy and stingless. They're also MASTER POLLINATORS; crucial to healthy ecosystems in our backyards, bushland & forests. And they need a hand with habitat!

"I've been an avid gardener for over 30 years and I'm amazed that I didn't know about native bees this whole time. Thank you Tracy for your wonderful talk and opening up a whole new exciting element to my gardening. I'm going to go and design my bee hotel and I can't wait for Spring". ~ Beth

After a sell-out Native Bee seminar last year, WA's 'Queen of the Native Bees' Tracy Lansdell returns to Margaret River by popular demand! Tracy is a natural medicine practitioner & passionate gardener who has been educating people how to care for bees in their gardens since 2013. She says 'once you discover these incredible little bee-ings in your backyard you will fall in love with them as much as I have.'


Fermented Food & Drinks for Good Gut Health

Saturday 13 July 2019, @ Rosa Brook Hall

Learn the art of fermentation & how easy it is to make a range of delicious energising functional ferments in your own home. GUT GURU Tracy Lansdell from Green Tree Naturopathy will empower us to help heal our 'second brain' with nourishing fresh foods & drinks that contain beneficial nutrients, enzymes & acids to improve digestion, increase energy and boost immunity.

Choose from these 3 workshops:


2. Afternoon: KOMBUCHA CLASS

3. All day: FERMENTING MASTERCLASS: a fun-filled Saturday, including all of the above!


Whichever workshop you select, you'll receive:

  • A nourishing ferment to take home

  • Step by Step instruction books & hands-on experience of fermenting

  • Taste testing of a variety of fermented food & drink blends

  • Informative handouts & the confidence to make successful ferments at home

  • An enhanced appreciation for the role that probiotic foods & drinks play in maintaining a healthy lifestyle


Tracy is a Naturopath with over 20 years experience in natural health and medicine. She runs regular fermenting and gut health workshops and her clinic has a strong focus on improving the gut function and microbiome health of her clients.

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