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Fifoam sustainable soap (ylang ylang)

Fifoam sustainable soap (ylang ylang)


Introducing a revolutionary new soap that uses oil from a locally farmed insect, the Black Soldier Fly, otherwise a waste product!!


100% natural soap that is genuinely sustainable, preservative free and biodegradable.

500ml foaming pump dispenser, perfect to use by the sink or in the shower. This clear, square bottle is a stable, elegant dispenser that is efficient and easy to use.


Moisturising  The special properties of this unique oil result in a uniquely moisturising soap that is gentle on sensitive skin.  Delightful range of essential oil scents.


Economical  Liquid concentrate refill available.  Dilute to make 3-4 times more usable soap to last even longer.  Minimises waste, maximises value!


Multi-purpose  Use it for washing hands, in the shower, as a shampoo, for dishes, cars and any cleaning job where dirt needs to be washed away by water.


WA local  all Australian oils. No imported Palm, Coconut or other oils. Building a local industry, local employment and economic resilience.


100% Natural  No synthetic ingredients, foaming agents or preservatives. Pure natural soap that is wholly biodegradable.


Sustainable  The lesson we've learnt from the ecosystems devastated to make cheap palm oil is that environmental sustainability is essential.  Fifoam promotes a circular economy by utilising resources that would normally be wasted. No extraction of natural resources and less waste sent to landfill.


Ingredients: Aqua, Potassium and sodium salts of Hermetia illucens (Black Soldier Fly) fatty acids, Glycerin, Sodium lactate, Sorbitol, Pure essential oils

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