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Fine shell grit

Fine shell grit

Free access to quality calcium-rich SHELL GRIT is crucial for laying chooks.
DIGESTIVE PROCESS: Grit is fundamental to the digestive health of a chicken. As toothless wonders, birds like chooks have a muscular organ called a gizzard that needs grit to grind their grains. One form we use is shell grit (more on another to come)…
CALCIUM SUPPLEMENT: This mineral supports bone strength & robust eggshell formation. Calcium helps nutrient absorption & if chooks don’t have sufficient levels, they will leach calcium from their bones to compensate, jeopardising their bone structure, overall health & laying ability.
MROF sources pure & natural shell grit from WA. It’s a fine grade, so there is no waste - if grit is too coarse, the larger particles are wasted. For optimal flock health & productivity, we ensure our chooks always have free access to minerals like fine shell grit & they regulate their own intake.


We recycle packaging as part of our zero waste policy.  Please return your undamaged buckets to be used again!

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