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Genuine Golden Maple Syrup 540ml, organically grown in Quebec

Genuine Golden Maple Syrup 540ml, organically grown in Quebec


Did you know that authentic fine Maple Syrup is as rare as hen's teeth in Australia?  Search no more... here's the real deal!


The globe's biggest Maple region, Quebec, highly regulates its maple syrup industry and all maple is independently graded.  Grading is based on the degree of light transmission, taste, clarity and density.  Exported maple is usually a lower grade, darker, woodier tasting (and in all honesty, other table syrups are highly processed sugar, akin to imported artificial 'honey').


GOLDEN Maple is a world away.  It's the finest of the four official maple grades and comes from the first early Spring harvest (comparable to first press olive oil) which produces the purest and lightest syrup.  With a pastel colour and delicate taste, it is soft, mild, smooth and deliciously sweet.  Once we'd tried it, we just couldn't go back!


This liquid gold comes from Ferm Martinette a third-generation farm with a 200 acre organically-managed old growth Maple grove in the Eastern Townships of Quebec.  The syrup is produced by carefully concentrating the sap of the Sugar Maple tree.


Pure and natural, Maple Syrup contains no additives.  What it does contain is a higher nutritional profile than all other common sweeteners, being rich in vitamins B1 and B2, antioxidants and minerals such as manganese, zinc, magnesium, calcium and potassium.  Its low glycaemic index (GI) rating means Maple Syrup is a healthier replacement for refined sugar in baking, desserts, glazes, raw treats, smoothies and lattes.  


The traditional 540ml tins hold more than double the volume found in regular supermarket bottles (yes, over half a litre of goodness).  And this no-fuss, plastic-free packaging has been loved by Canadians since the 1950s.  To open, simply puncture & pour!  The trick is to puncture two holes in the top of the tin as pictured, one at twelve o'clock and one at six o'clock.  To store, you can either put a flexi-lid on the tin, or easily decant into a bottle.  Refrigeration is recommended & your maple will keep as long as you can resist!

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