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Micronised basalt rock dust 12.5kg

Micronised basalt rock dust 12.5kg


A suite of trace minerals to regenerate your garden.  Paramagnetic basalt rock dust is a soil conditioner rich in micronutrients like calcium, iron, magnesium and manganese.


Benefits include enhanced plant-nutrient utilisation, better seed germination, improved water retention, more microbial & earthworm activity & enhanced resistance to pests and disease.  It has been suggested that paramagnetic soils are more productive because they are more energetically aligned with the earth's magnetic field and so invite energy into them.


This basalt is micronised to optimise its surface area, meaning easy accessibility for plants & microbes.  It's also easy to apply by mixing with water or compost.  Our personal application rates are 10kg per cubic metre of compost.

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