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Open Range Organic Eggs - carton

Open Range Organic Eggs - carton


One dozen high-welfare organic eggs laid by our happy pastured hens in Rosa Brook. 

800g JUMBO size.

  • ORGANIC pastured Vs 'free range' or 'pastured' egg

    There's a world of difference between ORGANIC egg farm management & standard 'free range' or 'pastured' management... & it's not just about whether you chem-spray the paddocks! 

    Let's bust some myths:

    • Our flock have been handraised by us since their first day of life, whereas standard practice is to buy in hens from another farm when they're 5-6 months & ready to lay eggs.
    • We do not need to use routine vaccinations or medications.
    • We do not need to use routine antibiotics in chick feed.
    • We do not trim hens' beaks.
    • We do not use articifial lights in sheds to increase supply.
    • We only use organic feed because toxins bioaccumulate in living beings.  The grains in regular chicken food have been loaded with chemicals, and this transfers to their eggs.

    Our motto is to 'live well'!  Our hens do, and our egg customers do too!

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