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Organic Stockfeeds

Sourcing good organic feed for beloved backyard pets and livestock can be tricky! We've spent several years getting it right. 

We're now happy to offer the following per kilogram:

complete chicken & chick food mix

18% protein

wheat for sprouting

certified biodynamic, great supplement for poultry & pigs

Sprouting makes the wheat's vitamins, minerals and proteins more bio-available.  Improved enzyme content also means the wheat is more digestible.


good for replenishing soil, AND good for animal health as a feed supplement!   Studies have shown health benefits such as improved digestion, increased immunity as well as better chicken coop hygiene and pasture improvement.  Biochar's unique porous structure enables it to capture and hold minute particles like ammonia which in a backyard setting means less smell and less moisture content in your chicken house litter. 

Your garden will benefit too!

Please talk to us about your feed needs.

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